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Payroll made easy!

Your business is a big deal to us.

About PayPro

We are payroll professionals with extensive expertise in New Zealand payroll.

Our services include process reviewing, payroll and leave audits and personalised system configuration.  We take a comprehensive view of your payroll to ensure you have outstanding processes that are compliant and work for you.

How We Can Help

We know the market is saturated with systems screaming at you that you can do it yourself, on the go, at the touch of your fingertips!  What we at PayPros know is that those systems are only as good as the data you put in.  Payroll requires time, focus, attention and dedication.  It can be really daunting to not only find a system that works for you, but to then recruit and hire someone to run that system for you.

As a business owner, we help you give yourself the gift of time.  We take away the headache of a having to recruit and nurture an employment relationship, the worry of what to do when that employee has to take leave and any concerns about privacy and confidentiality that an employee relationship brings.  We at PayPros have partnered with one of the very best of the existing systems, iPayroll.

Our Services

PayPros are able to provide you with a comprehensive payroll package from providing new employee paperwork, keeping your employee documents online, getting your timesheet employees onto online timesheets and leave request, giving your employees and online kiosk for all of their payroll needs, providing templates for employee contracts and providing specialist advice.  Your PAYE filing is taken care of with PayPros meaning you have time to focus on your business.

Whether it is setting up your payroll for a new business, reviewingyour current payroll and moving it to a new one under PayPros, or just providing analysis and recommendations for your existing payroll system we’ve got you covered.